Metabolic Health & Direct Primary Care Clinic

Opening in Santee, CA in summer 2020

Doctors Brian Lenzkes and Kristin Baier announce the opening of their Metabolic Health and Direct Primary Care clinic. Their medical practice is scheduled to open July 1st 2020. It will be located in a San Diego suburb, Santee, California on a college campus. This gives them access to an auditorium, classrooms and other facilities. Find details here.

Dr. Lenzkes thanks his colleagues at Internal Medicine Associates with whom he’s worked since 2004. He has been honored to serve the longest established and most respected Internal Medicine group in San Diego for these 16 years. Also, he thanks his 3,000 local patients who have often voted him as one of the “Top Doctors” in San Diego.

Dr. Kristin Baier completed residency at University of Chicago-Illinois in 2014 and is a board-certified family physician who has been practicing in the suburbs of Chicago. This summer she’s relocating to San Diego. Her passion lays within helping people achieve optimal health through diet and lifestyle changes in place of or in addition to pharmaceuticals.

Thank you for your overwhelming response!  In order to ensure quality of care they will be capping the number of patients they can serve in their practice.

Applications to join their direct primary care practice will be available in Spring 2020. If you are interested in receiving an application and receiving practice-related emails, please sign-up here.